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My partner and I went to Phuket for the very first time. We had an unforgettable experience with our taxi driver. first encountered him while he was driving and he asked if we wanted a ride to which he said no and we continued walking. After walking awhile we then saw him again in Patong beach to which he immediately got up, eyes lit up when he saw us again and I told him we need the taxi badly!! I told him i wanted to get roti so he brought us to a muslim owned stall before proceeding to send us back to our hotel. I informed him to pick us up again at 12. I thought he wouldnt turn up the very next day since we do not have each yet as i have yet but he came and he was 10mins early!! Despite bringing us to the wrong hotel at first he still came thru and managed to bring us to the correct place. We did made a few stops before that as i told him i wanted to get roti. I felt like a little child w a father who tried his very best, stopping each time he sees those little tents and shops to ask if they sell roti. Ofc i told him its alright as we could get it later on when we r out for dinner. He picked us up in the evening, to bring us to a night market. My partner didnt have small change and gave him a huge amt to which he said he will pass us change when he picks us up again later. He could have left us and not come back as he was holding a huge bill but he came thru! He is a really honest man. Despite us not having the same faith, he was respectful enough to bring us to muslim owned food places and even the souvenir shop he brought us to was muslim owned. His small gesture really left a huge impact on the both of us. I would highly recommend Mr Akim , he is punctual, thoughtful and most importantly honest. If anyone were to see him along the streets please show him this. We are thankful that our first experience in a foreign country that we have not been to has been a memorable one. Thank you Akim for bringing us around 🤍 Highly recommend contact WhatApp Akim +66616189899

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